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What are Patent Drawings

What are patent drawings? What Role Does it play in Patent Process?

An invention that is proposed for patent may involve many technicalities which make it difficult for a common man to comprehend the functioning of an invention. Thus, to make the whole process of explaining an invention, patent drawings are attached along with the patent application that helps in the understanding the functioning of the invention. Also, patent law has made it mandatory to furnish a minimum of one patent illustration along with the patent application.

One of the questions that might be reverberating in your mind is “what role does a patent illustration has to play in the patent process”? To put it in simple words, patent illustration can speed up the patent prosecution cycle and allows your patent application to sail smoothly through all the stages.

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Understanding the Role of Patent Drawings in Patent Process

A patent illustration plays a significant role in the patent process. The patent illustration refers to the visual representation of the elements of the invention. So, let’s take a look at the role of patent illustration in the patent process:

  • Helps in explaining the invention – A high-quality patent drawing helps in explaining the invention in a way that allows a common man to comprehend it. A patent illustrator crafts a patent drawing that bears all the necessary elements of an invention. With that, an applicant can explain his/her invention better.
  • Novel elements – For an invention to receive patent grants, it should be novel and non-obvious. The presence of prior-arts may lead to rejection of your patent application. That’s when you can rely on the patent illustration to describe your invention in great detail. With the help of patent illustration, the applicant can describe how his/her invention is novel. With that, the applicant can explain how his/her invention is different from the prior art. Once the examiner is convinced about the same, he/she will speed up the patent process, which results in the timely grant of the patent.
  • Makes your patent application solid – A high-quality and engaging patent illustration can boost the strength of your patent application. So, attaching a patent illustration that describes your invention along with the patent application increase the chances of acquiring patent grants. Thus, Patent Drawings play significant role in patent process.

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What are the Different Types of Patent Drawings?

Basically, there are majorly three types of Patent illustrations. The rules for each of them are different. Let’s understand the different types of patent illustrations in the following section:

  • Utility Patent illustrations – A utility patent illustration depicts the functioning of an invention. In simple words, it highlights the parts of an invention that conduct different functions.
  • Design Patent illustrations – Design patent illustration focuses on the design and aesthetic part of the invention. The design of an invention plays an important role. It means that an applicant can go for Design Patent illustrations when he/she wants to patent the aesthetic part of the invention or product.
  • Plant Patent illustrations – Plant patent illustration is furnished along with patent application if the applicant has reproduced a plant species asexually.

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Why you should Choose PPI for Patent illustrations?

Representing the intricate details of an invention on paper requires artistic skills, experience, and definitely a lot of time. So, if an applicant lacks expertise or skills, it is a good idea to hire experts.

At PPI, we have a team of experts who intricately draw your invention on paper, adhering to all the guidelines as prescribed by USPTO. Our team has churned out appealing and engaging patent illustrations that are convincing and yield success. At PPI, customer satisfaction is our utmost priority and for that, we provide multiple iterations.

Here, the customers can also check out Patent Drawings examples at PPI to get an insight into them. To know more about our works, click here.

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