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Utility Drawing

What is a Utility Patent Drawing?

A utility patent is a type of patent that explains the functional aspect of an invention. For instance, a utility patent describes the working of an invention. It is the most common form of a patent that prohibit others from making or selling the invention without the approval of of the inventor. A utility patent involves complex detail. To explain the functioning of the invention, utility patent drawings are furnished. It is important that the drawing should be clear, simple ,and represent the details of working of an invention while adhering to the guidelines of PTO.

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What Are The Utility Patent Drawing Requirements?

An applicant has to adhere to the USPTO guidelines while furnishing a utility patent drawing. While an applicant is working on drawings, he/he should remember the USPTO guidelines to avoid patent application rejection. Check out the Utility Patent Drawing Requirements which includes:

  • The applicant must mention his/her name, name of the invention, application number on the patent illustration.
  • The scale of the drawing must be 2/3 of the size of the reduced illustration.
  • The size of the drawing sheet is restricted to 11 inches by 8.5 inches.
  • The drawing sheet must be plane, non-shining and flexible. Also, it should be free from overwriting.

While an applicant is drafting a utility patent drawing, he/she should keep these guidelines in mind. Following these guidelines will increase the speed of patent prosecution cycle, which results in timely grant of patent.

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How To Prepare A Utility Patent Drawing?

The most important part of a patent application is designing the utility patent drawing. The patent drawings help in conveying the nature and process of an invention and make things understandable. While drafting the patent drawing, there are a few things you should focus on. To begin with, a utility patent drawing should exhibit how your invention is novel and different from the existing technology. A Patent drawing should reveal how your invention operates and function differently from existing technology.

While designing patent illustration, the applicant can take the help of official website of USPTO. The USPTO’s official website contains guidelines and rules that you need to keep in mind while preparing a utility patent illustration..

The applicant can hire patent illustrator to prepare a utility patent drawing for them. The patent illustrators are experienced in designing patent drawings in accordance with the guidelines of PTO. Additionally, they will deliver the work faster and save time. So, it makes sense to hire patent illustrator to perform such tasks.

Why You Should Trust Professional Patent Illustrators with Patent Illustrations?

We are a team of experts who are proficient in designing patent illustrations be it design patent drawings or a utility patent -drawing. You can trust PPI for designing high-quality patent drawings that portray complex details in a simple way. While designing patent illustrations, PPI takes care of the guidelines and rules prescribed by the PTO. The final output is the high-quality, accurate ,and engaging patent drawings that further strengthen your patent application.

So, if you are looking forward to designing a utility patent drawing, hire the illustrators at PPI. To get an insight into our work, you can click here. For placing your order, get in touch with us or simply click here.

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