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How much does a Design Patent cost

How much does a Design Patent Cost? 

Are you looking for a design patent? Perhaps, you want to know the latest design patent cost. However, it’s a long journey to get a patent; you have to be sure of taking it. First of all, you must have a clear picture of your invention. Moreover, you have to ask yourself: does my invention really need a patent or not? The answer to the question may help you calculate the amount of resources needed to be invested in the invention. Also, in some cases, getting a patent costs an arm and a leg. Therefore, you must have in-depth knowledge of design patent. In this article, we’re going to share the current design patent cost. Moreover, you’re going to see the factors that can change design patent cost.

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Design Patent Cost in the United States

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) receives more than 600,000 patent applications every year. The fundamental function of the USPTO is to grant patent to applicants for the protection of their inventions. It’s an agency of the U.S. Department of Commerce. Thus, it advises each government organization of the U.S. in matters related to “intellectual property”, both domestic and global. In addition, the governmental agency registers trademarks. It has defined three types of patents: design, plant, and utility. Here, we’ll talk about design patent and design patent cost.

In table 1, you can see basic filing fees listed by the USPTO for design patents. Also, the basic filing fee is USD 200. However, the USPTO has reduced its fee by 50% for small entity. Moreover, the fee for small entity has been further reduced by 50% for micro entity.   

Table 1 the USPTO Basic Filing Fees

Basic Filing Fees (USD)
 FeeSmall Entity FeeMicro Entity Fee
Normal filing fee200.00100.0050.00
Basic filing fee – Design CPA200.00100.0050.00
Normal fee – Reissue (Design CPA)300.00150.0075.00

In table 2, you may find the latest patent search fees that the USPTO charges.  

Table 2 the USPTO Patent Search Fees

Patent Search Fees (USD)
 FeeSmall Entity FeeMicro Entity Fee
Design Search Fee or Design CPA Search Fee160.0080.0040.00
Reissue Search Fee or Reissue (Design CPA) Search Fee660.00330.00165.00

The table number 3 shows the latest patent examination fees.

Table 3 the USPTO Patent Examination Fees

Patent Examination Fees (USD)
 FeeSmall Entity FeeMicro Entity Fee
Design Examination Fee or Design CPA Examination Fee600.00300.00150.00
Reissue Examination Fee or Reissue (Design CPA) Examination Fee2200.001100.00550.00

Once you get a patent, you have to pay patent post-allowance fees and other fees like maintenance fees as well. Also, in table 4, we have listed fees that you applicants have to pay after getting a grant.

Table 4 the USPTO Patent Post-Allowance Fees

Patent Post-Allowance Fees (USD)
 FeeSmall Entity FeeMicro Entity Fee
Design issue fee700.00350.00175.00
Publication fee for early, voluntary, or normal publication0.000.000.00
Publication fee for republication300.00300.00300.00

The USPTO maintains the comprehensive list of fees that you must submit after certain steps. Moreover, in this article, we covered basic filing fees, patent search fees, patent examination fees, and patent post-allowance fees. However, there are other fees that you may have to submit. You may see the additional fees here – The USPTO Fee Schedule. Thus, you may get a rough estimate of design patent cost by adding various fees listed by the USPTO. 

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What are the Factors that Can Influence Design Patent Cost? 

Applicants file a design patent application to protect their inventive design that is for an article. The design should be new, original, and ornamental. Moreover, the inventive design shouldn’t exist on its own. Thus, the inventor must furnish the article embodied with the design. Previously, in the article, we discussed the USPTO design patent fees. Now, let’s look at the factors that can influence design patent cost:  

Type of Entity

The USPTO ensures that everyone gets equal opportunity. Therefore, it has reduced its fee for various services so that micro and small entity get some support.

For instance, Design Examination Fees for small and micro entity are USD 300 and USD 150 respectively.

Hiring a patent attorney

The USPTO has set guidelines for applicants so that there must be no errors in their patent applications. However, these guidelines are too many to follow. Therefore, you need to invest a lot of time in maintaining your patent application. Moreover, the USPTO may reject your application if you haven’t followed its guidelines. Thus, many inventors prefer to have a patent attorney who can assist inventors in getting a patent. However, it’s not mandatory to hire a patent attorney. You may file your patent application on your own and represent your invention as well.

However, it’s recommended to have a patent attorney. You may hire a patent attorney on hourly basis. Also, their fee can start from USD 50 per hour and go up to USD 200 per hour.

You may reduce design patent cost significantly if you follow guidelines properly.       

Who are the Professional Patent Illustrators?

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