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Design Patent Examples

Design Patent Examples – Why Are They So Important for You?

Design patent, as the name suggests, is the patent right over ornamental design, unique shape, font, color arrangement, etc. on an article.  An exemplary document for design patents shows how a design patent looks like. There are a few criteria on which we receive a design patent:

  • The first and foremost requirement is that the design should meet all the patentability criteria i.e. Novelty, Non-Obvious, Non-Disclosure, and patentable Subject matter.
  • Unlike the utility patent, design patent serves to protect the unique design of a product. Therefore, it is very much important for the design to be in conjunction with an article.
  • Also, that article or product is of commercial utility.
  • The design is repeatable, i.e. you can reproduce the exact design multiple times with exactly the same proportion.
  • The time period of protection is 14 years.

What is Design Patent Examples?

As mentioned earlier design patent examples are specially made patent document samples which are as per the patent office norms. They work as a reference for the current patent application. You can consider previously accepted patent applications for the same purpose.

An inventor should know for what they can receive a design patents for. Here are a few examples for the same:

S. No. Year Inventor Patent for Patent Number
1 1842 George Bruce New font U.S. Patent D1
2 1879 Auguste Bartholdi Statue of Liberty U.S. Patent D11,023
3 1919 American Legion The badge of American Legion Women’s Auxillary U.S. Patent D54,296
4 1936 Frank A. Redford Wigwam Motel U.S. Patent D98,617

What makes design patent examples important?

An example or reference always helps in making a more confident step in the future. Also, for the patent grant, it always better to consider an example over taking a leap of faith.

Reviewing your design patent application is worth your time and efforts. In short, if you file a patent application in haste it might cost huge amounts of money if the design doesn’t turn out as per the patentability criteria. Moreover, you might produce an application which is not as per the desired format of the patent office. Consequently, this will lead to rejection of your patent application with a huge loss of time and money.

Considering an example might increase the chances of getting a patent grant, manifolds. At the same time, it will save you the cost and your precious time spent on preparing the patent application.

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How to Find Design Patent Examples?

To begin with design patent example search, one can start by typing the keywords related to your idea.

USPTO offers a full-text database to perform patent applications search. This portal offers you quick search for USPTO approved patent examples with ease.

However, if you want to perform a thorough search, one must avail it by hiring an attorney. He/she will help you perform a thorough analysis of extensive and considerable results.

Approach at Professional Patent Illustrators

If you are serious about getting a design patent, ask yourself whether you want professional assistance or not.  By now you know the drawbacks of an improper patent application or of not meeting the patentability criteria. A rejected application might take your chances of future patent protection for your invention. We at professional patent illustrators take care of the patentability criteria for patents and deliver top-quality utility and design patents. With 10+ years of experience in this industry, we have developed an expert team with thorough knowledge of the latest guidelines and norms.  We guarantee you a quick turn-around-time and multiple iterations until we meet your needs.

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