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Patent illustrator Jobs Great opportunity at your end

Patent Illustrator Jobs –Great Opportunity at Your End

Patent Illustrator jobs are for professionals of great skill in the domain of patent drawings. Basically, they are imaginative and creative persons and are well aware of the different tricks of patent illustrations. A patent illustrator’s imagination helps him/her in the visualization of the products of the invention. Hence, they come up with multiple views of those products that describe the invention perfectly. Patent illustrator jobs require illustrations that are as per the USPTO guidelines.

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Chief Opportunity Domains

A patent illustrator is opportune for many sectors in the same field. Consequently, they can make use of their knowledge and skills and have a great career in these major sectors.

Individual Lawyers/Attorneys:

Lawyers and attorneys also hire patent illustrators for generating illustrators for their clients at an individual level.

IP Research Companies:

Intellectual property research companies provide patent illustrator jobs to create patent illustrations for their clients. This is because they deal with different types of intellectual property differing from company to company.

Research and Development of product companies:

Various product companies come up with unique designs of their products. For example, Nike, Apple, Mitsubishi, etc. They hire patent illustrators to create illustrations for different designs of their inventions related to their products.

USPTO jobs:

The United States Patent and Trademark Office hire patent illustrators for creating and examining patent illustrations.

Patent Illustrator Jobs Responsibilities

They are responsible for creating patent illustrations with the help of technical software. The results are as per the rules of the USPTO. Use of knowledge and artistic abilities for incorporating multiple styles of illustrations which includes flow charts, Venn diagrams, to the detailed and artistic style of drawings.

Technical Knowledge for Patent Illustrator Jobs

Patent drawings are not like other artistic drawings. Firstly, nobody draws patent drawings with just a pencil and scale. Above all, the patent illustrator jobs demand knowledge and practice of technical software is mandatory for creating patent illustrations. For instance, you can use softwares like Anaqua, SmartDraw, CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, etc.

This software help you create diagrams, flowcharts, engineering schematics, and computer-aided drafts, 3-D renderings and virtual prototypes.

Qualifications and Background

They have a background in engineering with mechanical and drafting knowledge or skills. Also, hold experience of using software like CAD, CorelDraw, etc. this background is suitable particularly for design and utility patent illustrations.

On the other hand, deep understanding of biology and botany with a background in zoology, genetics, biotechnology, or microbiology would do for plant patent illustrations.

Patent Illustrator Skill Set

Professional Patent Illustrators create patent illustrations which are as per the USPTO guidelines. As a result, those good patent illustrations make the examiner easily understand your invention. But, the illustrator needs to have certain skill sets that seek patent illustrator jobs. Finally, let’s have a look at these.

  • Deep knowledge of state-of-the-art software.
  • Adheres to deadlines with no compromise in work quality.
  • Expertise in simple as well detailed and also complex illustration is a must.
  • Well aware of the patent office rules and also regulations for all the types of patent illustrations.
  • A person with not only vivid imagination but also accurate execution.
  • Improves the quality of drawings since better drawings strengthen your patent.
  • He/she is a team worker.
  • Knows how to interact with clients and members of other departments.

The Pay-scale Perimeter

Patent Illustrators are getting a decent salary which ranges $23000 to $100000 annually across the United States. This is because the salary structure varies from company to company. But, you can always move up the ladder of salary. This is possible but only if you take certifications from reputed educational institutes and organizations. Also, with improvement in skills and years of experience makes your bio-data strong as a patent illustrator.

Why Choose Us?

At Professional Patent Illustrators, we have a working team of expert patent illustrators. We not only deliver well in time but also we do ensure the quality of illustrations with no compromise. Our patent illustrators adhere to the patent drawing rules of USPTO. We cover both the domains of patent illustrations i.e. utility and design patents. Also, you can find our samples of illustration by making a little inquiry to our page.

Check out Professional Patent Illustrators to avail our services.

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