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Invention Illustrator: Top Qualities to Look for

When you want illustrations for your invention, hiring an invention illustrator is the way to go. You may feel that creating your own illustrations is a tedious task. So, you should seek an illustrator’s help.

Basically, an invention illustrator is the same as a patent illustrator. He/she can help you with your patent illustrations. Patent illustrations are a vital part of your patent application. Their job is to reinforce the quality of your work when you write a patent. They describe your invention better than long paragraphs of text can. The illustrations can be the difference makers in your application.

So, how does an illustrator add value to your patent application? Let’s find out.

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Top Qualities of an Invention Illustrator

When you hire an illustrator, there are certain qualities to look out for. You need to be certain about an illustrator before handing out your money to them. Let’s explore them.

Portfolio of Illustrations

A good invention illustrator will never shy away from showcasing their past works. If he/she cannot due to various reasons such as confidentiality, he/she should at least have sample illustrations ready.

A portfolio will help you decide if you can work with the person or not. The previous work will help you in judging his/her ability. After all, the patent process involves a lot of money as it is. You wouldn’t want to waste your money on illustrations that are not up to the mark.

You should read up about the latest patent drawing points by the USPTO so that you can check if the person follows them or not. Check out our Sample Illustrations here.

State-of-the-art Tools for Rendering

In the modern world, advancements in technology allow you to enhance the quality and accuracy of any work. Naturally, you would want to file your patent application with the most accurate illustrations. This would increase your chances of getting a patent.

The current state-of-the-art software includes CAD, Autodesk, SolidWorks, and Adobe. A good invention illustrator should be working on one of these to render illustrations.

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Turnaround Time and Quality

The modern-day technology provides you to work at a lightning-fast pace. Hence, it is up to the illustrator’s understanding of the software and experience which decides their turnaround time.

A good invention illustrator would ensure that he/she delivers their work at a quick pace. However, the swiftness in delivery of work should at no point compromise the quality of the work. After all, if the drawing contains errors then their will have to be more drafts to be made. This will prove to be counter-productive. So there should be no compromise on the quality.

Technical Understanding and Specialization

While working with patent illustrations, it is paramount for the illustrator to understand the technicalities of the invention. This requires one to have the relevant specialization in the relevant field.

Consider the following example. Imagine that you have an invention of a unique car engine. Certainly, a patent illustrator who has a background in automobile engineering would suit your needs better. He/she would understand the intricate parts better and would yield a great output.

Hence, it is important to also review the background of the invention illustrator.

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and Security

This is the last but certainly not the least quality to look out for. You obviously will have to disclose your invention to the illustrator to hire. What is the guarantee that he/she won’t misuse that information?

A patent process requires a lot of confidentiality and security. That is to say, you should be on the lookout and sign an NDA with the invention illustrator. But, if an invention illustrator offers one himself/herself, then it offers a sense of security.

Check out the Non-Disclosure Agreement we offer.

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