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Three Tips For Choosing the Right Patent Illustration Company

Patent drawings are an essential part of a patent document and it displays the visual embodiment of an invention. Since a design patent provides legal protection to the ornamental design of a functional item, a design patent application must include drawings besides object claims and descriptions. The inclusion of sufficient drawings will help to facilitate the understanding of the invention during the patent examination process. These illustrations must visually elaborate on the contours, shape, material texture, properties, and proportions of manufactured items. Since a drawing that is well depicted is worth a thousand words, an accurate manifestation of these drawings can leverage the patent application approval process.

Often patent applicants overlook the technicalities specified by the patent office for these drawings. It can lead to the filing of ‘informal’ drawings which do not adhere to the guidelines. Such errors can result in office actions or rejection of the patent applications. Patent applicants must take care of each element, from margins to structure, text, shading, several views, reference number, and lead lines to obtain the best possible disclosure. Conforming to the necessary compliance requirements is essential to get the application approved by the patent office.

Hence, to ensure the accuracy and integrity of patent drawings, applicants choose to outsource them to patent illustration companies. These companies have access to the rights skills, tools, and have the necessary knowledge about the given domain and regulatory requirements to prepare the illustrations. Aligning the drawings according to the USPTO rules can be confusing to an applicant if they are uninitiated. Opting for professional patent drawing help can enable them to overcome the difficulties and avoid the risk of missing deadlines. However, choosing the right patent illustration company that can provide appropriate services can be daunting. Here are few tips that will help you to make the right choice.


You need to look at the work portfolio of the prospective patent illustration company.  A poor-quality patent illustration can be a waste of money, and it can bring you to the threshold of losing the right over your invention if a competitor claims the invention first. Hence, you must check the firm’s work samples to ascertain if you can trust them with your project. The work portfolio will also give you access to previous client’s testimonials. Moreover, it will also help you ascertain the acceptance rate of a patent illustration company’s work by the relevant Patent Office. They must appropriately capture the technical elements of the drawing for better approval rates. Ensure that the firm has adequate experience in creating patent drawings for the specific Patent Office to which the applicant intends to submit their application.

Turnaround Time

Patent applicants must file their applications within one year of the date of their invention’s first public disclosure. The patent illustration company should appropriately commit to submitting the drawings within the given deadline without compromising their quality.

Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA)

The patent illustration firm must sign an NDA to maintain the confidentiality of your invention which is of utmost importance.

Why Choose Us?

These are a few things you need to consider to choose the right patent illustration company. It will help you to create accurate drawings according to the patent office requirements of concerned jurisdictions to avoid office action on drawings in the future.

Professional Patent Illustrators (PPI) keeps the design process transparent and produces good outcomes. Before you hire us, you might like to look at some samples. You can request samples of our work by completing a simple form on our website. Our experienced artists have the highest standards as well as a thorough understanding of the USPTO guidelines. Furthermore, our team of illustrators creates patent illustrations using cutting-edge software.

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