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What are The Top Qualities of Patent Illustrator

What are The Top Qualities of Patent Illustrator?

A patent application is incomplete without a patent illustration, and we should include the best illustrations in our application. Therefore, it becomes necessary for us to know what the best Qualities of Patent Illustrator are. When you seek to obtain the grant of a patent, you have a crystal clear idea of your invention. However, you may not be able to represent your invention in the form of an illustration or drawing. In this case, you may want to hire a patent illustrator having an ample amount of experience. Moreover, the USPTO has an extensive list of guidelines regarding patent drawings/illustrations. As a result, many applicants have to face rejection as they don’t follow the guidelines properly.

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Top Qualities of Patent Illustrator:

As we already know that patent illustrations are extremely important in a patent application. Moreover, illustrations are easy to understand and cover the subtle information of an invention. A patent illustrator draws design and utility illustrations as per the requirements of a client. Moreover, a good patent illustrator transforms your rough sketches into professional patent illustrations. We’ve listed the top five qualities of patent illustrator. 

Maintaining Secrecy

A patent illustrator draws several illustrations for clients from various countries. A patent illustrator deals with many inventors and their inventions frequently. Therefore, a professional patent illustrator must have a habit of keeping an invention secret. Moreover, several patentees, looking for a patent, hire the same illustrator. The illustrator, who maintains secrecy, should be considered as a professional illustrator. If your illustrator shows this quality, this means that your invention didn’t fall into the wrong hands.

State of the art tools

Changes in the world are happening at much faster rates. Moreover, various changes are happening in the procedural approach of making patent illustrations. Therefore, the good qualities of patent illustrator include his knowledge of using state of the art tools for making illustrations. Many illustrators use obsolete software that doesn’t provide optimum results. As a result, you need to pay extra for getting the desired output. The qualities of patent illustrator should have his tendency to remain updated with the state of the art tools. 

On-Time Delivery

In a hurry to get a patent, many applicants require results fast. An illustrator must draw a descriptive image within the given time. More importantly, an illustrator should provide illustrations before deadlines and maintain the quality and standard of work. Also, a professional patent illustrator makes illustrations without errors.

Follow the USPTO Guidelines

We mentioned earlier in this article that the USPTO has issued a long list of guidelines regarding patent illustrations. The long list of the qualities of patent illustrator also includes his work in compliance with the USPTO guidelines. A good illustrator must be familiar with the rules and standards and draw illustrations accordingly.      

Number of Drawings and Complexity

In many cases, the drawings are complex and require multiple views. A simpler view isn’t able to cover the functionality and structure of the invention. Therefore, the qualities of a patent illustrator must include his ease to make the complex drawings. Moreover, a good patent illustrator can show the complete invention in minimum views.   

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