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Spot the Perfect Patent Illustrator in 5 Easy Steps

5 Important things to consider while selecting a Perfect Patent Illustrator

A perfect patent illustrator is hard to find but is worth hiring for accurate patent illustration. Patent drawings play a vital role in the prosecution process that many people neglect. So, if drafted accurately it reflects the idea of your invention clearly and correctly. Patent examiners work on multiple patent applications. Hence, if they come across organized applications, processing time will be less. However, the patent application with flaws is time-consuming. So, it may face multiple rejections leading to both time and money wastage.
Hence, to avoid such complications it is important to spot the perfect patent illustrator to avail best patent drawing services.
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5 Factors to help you find the perfect patent illustrator

A perfect patent illustrator is worth every penny you will pay for illustration. A good patent illustrator not only has updated USPTO drawing guidelines but uses latest patent drawings software, equipment, and tools.

Electronic Drawings:

While choosing an illustrator it is your responsibility to ensure whether he/she is well experienced in doing the electronic drawing. To make sure you can ask for a portfolio which will show their complete work experience. Also, after completion of patent drawing do check them on different electronic formats including jpg, png, tiff, and many more.

Recent Software:

Software used in a patent drawing plays an indispensable role. So, always ensure that your illustrator uses best designing software such as Adobe, CAD, SolidWorks, etc. Also, make sure that he/she is using the latest version of the software with updated tools.

Moreover, your illustrator must make sure that the illustrations are completely capturing the invention you have made.

Strong Patent Knowledge:

An illustrator with deep knowledge about patents will be able to deliver drawings as per the USPTO rules. In the case of patents drawings, even a minor mistake is not acceptable. So, it always a wise idea to choose an illustrator specialized in patents. An illustrator with good experience knows a number of drawings required for a patent. Additionally, he has the ability to represent complex drawing views for design claim and including patent drawings set.

Blue Prints & Pictures:

If you cannot arrange a prototype for your illustrator, provide good quality pictures. Hence, it is must for your patent illustrator to get into the job with a positive attitude avoiding previous models.

Non-Disclosure Agreement:

Maintaining invention secrecy and confidentiality indicates good patent illustrator’s characteristics. A perfect patent illustrator always understands the importance of security. Hence, he/she signs non-disclosure agreement for not disclosing any data to the third party. Also, they should work in a safe and protected environment. Thus, it means their system and software must be fully protected against virus and other threats.

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Why Believe in Us?

Professional Patent Illustration is one of the best patent drawing service providers in the domain. Over the years, our illustrators have developed themselves into the most reliable patent illustrators. They have acquired experience of multiple domains which helps them deliver the best patent illustration services.  Moreover, they keep themselves updated about new software/tools, USPTO guidelines, patent office requirements of various jurisdictions and many more. Thus it helps our clients avoid unnecessary office actions.

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