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Thomas Edison Illustration

Thomas Edison Illustration: Exemplary Cases of Patent Drawings

We know that Thomas Edison has been pivotal in changing the course of history and technology through his inventions. But another key thing to note in each patent he has is the Thomas Edison Illustration. He had1093 patents to his name in the USA and 512 worldwide. Each patent, when you look at them, shows how visionary he was. The illustrations themselves were unique and futuristic for his time. Times change, and we have more rules and guidelines to follow but nonetheless, we should take inspiration from his work. Let’s look at some of his best inventions, and more particularly, each Thomas Edison Illustration.

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Thomas Edison Illustration: Top 5 inventions and their illustrations

Though it’s tough to choose 5 out of 1000, we are providing you with the most revolutionary inventions by Edison. Also, with each invention, we are sharing its revolutionary Thomas Edison Illustration. Let’s have a look at each one.

1.    A Practical Light Bulb

Thomas Edison Illustration Light Bulb

Patent Number: US214636A

It’s the obvious choice to start things off with. Edison is most famously known for lighting up the world with the light bulb. Though, he didn’t invent the very first light bulb. There were designs in existence, none of which were practical though. His innovation made it possible to have a light bulb at home without consuming too much electricity. The Thomas Edison illustration is the first practical design of a bulb and we can see that it’s precise and sharp.

2.     Telegraph Apparatus

Thomas Edison Illustration Telegraph Apparatus
Patent Number: US91527A

It is quite rightly said that necessity is the mother of all inventions. Edison in his youth had to work as a telegraph operator for the bureau news wire of the Associated Press. Edison was partly deaf and had the desire to make the telegraph easier for him to use. Hence, he came up with an improvement in the Telegraph. This made it possible to send messages back and forth between trains in motion, or between a railway station and a moving train.

3.     Phonograph

Thomas Edison Illustration Phonograph
Patent Number: US227679A

The phonograph was an incredible invention indeed. This technology made modern music business possible. Thomas Edison gave the world the first device to both record sound and play it back. This was a little different in comparison to his usual works on telegraphs and telephones. When we look at the illustration, we can see how intricate the design was. We should thank Edison for having the music we listen to on our devices every day.

4.     Kinetographic Camera

Thomas Edison Illustration Kinetographic Camera
Patent Number: US589168A

Edison’s interest in motion pictures began before 1888. He had the desire to create a camera for motion pictures. He finally got a patent for his invention in 1897, which was a “the kinetographic camera”. The word takes inspiration from greek words “kineto” which means movement, and “scopos” which means to watch. Here we can see from the Thomas Edison Illustration that the device is quite convolute and has a lot of parts. This invention was the first step towards us being able to make videos.

5.     Electric Automobile

Thomas Edison Illustration Electric Automobile
Patent Number: US750102A

You’ve all heard that Elon Musk and his company, “Tesla”, are the first to come up with commercially-viable electric vehicles. However, he was not the first ever to create an electric automobile. Surprisingly, Edison had the vision for this way back in 1904 and tried working to commercialize it for 12 years.  He built an electric car in 1912 which came with tone 30-volt electric motor and two 15-volt batteries. One of its biggest problems was its price. It cost twice as much as the cars of his competitors. It also had too heavy batteries. Hence, it never got to see the light of day. However, Edison did have the first-ever patent for an electric automobile under his belt.

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