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Things You Need To Know About Patent Drawing Examples

Patent Drawings are an essential tool that can assist you in getting timely patent grants. These patent sketches help reviewers in understanding the features and the process of your invention. Apart from that, these illustrations shows how your invention is novel and different from the existing prior-arts. Patent Drawing examples can be charts or any other illustration that help in better understanding of the invention.

An application needs to furnish at least one patent drawing example along with the patent application. The reviewer spends less time on your patent application which further multiplies your chance of getting patent.

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How Do Patent Drawing Examples Benefit You?

Attaching patent drawing examples along with the patent application are going to present a solid case for you. The reviewer will be able to understand nuances of your invention and how the invention works. With the patent drawing examples, you can easily describe every aspect of your invention. Along with that, you can prove that your invention is better than the existing prior-arts. With this, you will more likely to secure patent for your invention.

Thus, patent drawing examples can be turn out to be an asset to you. In addition to this, you can find similar patent ideas and patent illustration as yours, allowing you to create a patent illustration in a way that benefits you further.

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What are the Guidelines To Create Patent Drawing Examples?

While submitting patent illustrations, there are certain rules that an applicant must keep in mind and stick to them. Failure to complying with these guidelines will have an impact on your patent application.

There are basically two types of patent drawing examples which are design patent drawings and utility patent drawings. Design patent illustration focuses on the aesthetic part of the invention. On the flip side, a utility patent sketch focuses on the functional aspect of the invention.

Check out the important rules and guidelines that an applicant needs to follow.

  • An applicant should submit patent drawing example on A4 size sheet paper.
  • Mention the title of the invention, inventor name, application number.
  • The USPTO has permitted the use of black Indian Ink.
  • A margin of 1 inch at top and left side, 3/8 inch at the left side, 5/8 inch at the bottom.

So, these are some rules and guidelines that you should follow while preparing invention diagrams. Working and submitting patent sketches according to these guidelines is important. If the invention diagrams are not in compliance with these guidelines, this will cause a delay in the patent filing. This delay will be an opportunity for your competitors. On the other hand, if the patent sketches meet the guidelines of the USPTO, this will speed up the patent prosecution cycle. The early filing of the patent application will increase the priority of your patent application among the similar patent applications.

Why You Should Hire Experts For Patent Drawing Examples?

If you are looking forward to drawing patent illustrations, it makes sense to hire experts. The experts have vast experience in drawing patent illustrations and can help you with complex process. Along with that, the experts have a deep understanding of the global patent laws and draw patent illustrations in accordance with the guidelines of various Patent offices.

In addition to that, making a patent drawing example is a difficult task and a time-consuming one. The draftsmen are efficient in representing details on paper. For that reason, it is recommended to hire patent experts.

Why You Should Hire PPI?

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