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Role of a Patent Illustrator in Patent Prosecution Cycle

A patent illustrator plays a crucial role since they have expertise in curating high-quality and accurate patent drawing. A patent drawing that describes subtle information about your invention, thereby, increasing the chance of acquiring patent rights. Thus, an illustrator helps in highlighting the important aspects of your invention that you want them to highlight. Someone has quoted “not all inventors are patent illustrations”. Thus, it makes sense to hire the services of illustrators to get this task done.

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Why do you need to hire a patent illustrator?

Creating a patent drawing requires technical knowledge, artistic skills, and familiarity with the global patent laws. The fact that the illustrators can create high-quality and engaging patent drawings in accordance to the guidelines, highlight the role of a patent illustrator.

A patent illustrator visualizes the invention and creates a patent sketch that illustrates the nuances of the invention. With patent drawings, it becomes easy for the applicant to show how different parts of the invention fit together. A illustrator that holds years of experience in curating patent illustrations can curate professional patent sketch.  By hiring patent illustrator, you can save time and money in the long run.

How does poor patent drawing impact the patent prosecution cycle?

Submitting poor quality patent drawings can impact the patent prosecution cycle. Your patent sketch may get rejected due to non-compliance to the guidelines. You will have to produce a new version of patent drawing which will consume time and money. Examiner will be less likely to approve the patent grants if your patent sketch is ambiguous about the invention. In such a situation, an illustrator can play a significant role by churning out high-quality patent drawings.

What are the qualities of a good patent illustrator?

A Patent illustrator can churn out high-quality and engaging patent sketches that can help you in acquiring patent rights. A good patent illustrator has the following characteristics:

A good illustrator will have a deep knowledge about the patent laws and patent drawing guidelines, and most importantly, he/she will adhere to it while creating a patent illustration. Other than that, he/she should be updated about the latest tools and software essential to create a high-quality patent illustration. He/she should be able to provide the patent sketch in multiple formats as per the client’s needs.

He/she should should meet all the deadlines without hampering the quality of the work. He/ She should curate patent sketches that are error-free, compelling while proofreading their tasks. He/she knows how to represent features of an invention in great detail on paper.

Things You Should look for while hiring a patent illustrator?

There are certain things that you should look for while hiring a patent illustration. A patent illustrator should be experienced. Other than that, he/she should communicate effectively. Take a look at the things that will help you in hiring an illustrator:

Effective Communication – A good patent illustrator should communicate effectively. Effective communication with the applicant can save time by avoiding multiple iterations. In case of a complex patent invention, it is essential to communicate properly. Thus, a patent illustrator should come up with doubts. He/she should sort them out by seeking answers from the inventor.

Knowledge about Patent Rules – A patent sketch should meet all the guidelines prescribed by various Patent offices. While hiring an illustrator, you should make sure that he/she has knowledge about the patent drawing.

So, these are some of the things that you should keep in mind while hiring a professional.

Why you should hire PPI?

PPI has a team of expert draftsmen who have been assisting clients in curating high-quality patent drawings that sail smoothly through patent prosecution cycle. Our team of experts can cater to diversifying needs of clients be it drawing design patent illustration or utility patent illustration.

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