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technical Patent Illustrator Benefits of Hiring

Technical Patent Illustrator – Benefits of Hiring

A picture is worth a thousand words, this very well goes with patent illustrations. But, the delivery of a detailed illustration/drawing is in the hands of a Technical Patent Illustrator. It is only the details of a drawing that takes your invention forward instantly. Consequently, at the time of prosecution, the examiner might not need to go through the written description thoroughly if you deliver well-detailed drawings.

An amazing inventor might not be a technical patent illustrator. If this is the case with you, do consider hiring a patent illustrator. This works in your favor only as USPTO and another patent office(s) accept drawings that are as per their guidelines.

Need for a Technical Patent Illustrator:

Always bear this in your mind that only a professional patent draft fetches patent grant. Draft everything i.e. claims, specifications, technical drawings with accuracy covering each and every aspect of the invention. While drafting patent illustrations some people wonder whether to go for Do-It-Yourself software drawings or rather precede with patent illustrators. 

Benefits that a technical patent illustrator brings to an application are:

  • While the examiner at the patent office reads through the written description, the patent illustrations speak for the invention. This demands the drafting of patent illustrations meticulously. Therefore, it is always a plus point to go with a well trained professional for the same.
  • A technical patent illustrator serves the best purpose. They keep themselves updated with all the rules and regulations of all the patent offices and furthermore, have a creative way of doing work.
  • They are very well aware of what and what NOT to include while preparing patent illustrations.

Qualities of a Technical Patent Illustrator

If you are planning on taking help of a patent illustrator but want to know what characteristics make an ideal patent illustrator. Before going any further go through the qualities of an ideal technical patent illustrator mentioned below:

Patent Illustrations Compatibility:

A technical illustrator furnishes both Design Patent Illustrations and Utility Patent Illustrations. They are also knowledgeable of technicalities of both the types of patent illustrations.

Profound imagination:

a patent illustrator is an imaginative person. In essence, he/she has a mind that creates illustrations as per the instructions that the inventor provides regarding his invention.

Master of state-of-the-art tools:

He/she is an expert of various technical tools of patent illustrations. These include AutoCAD, CorelDRAW, Visio, SolidWorks and many more.

Covers every detail of the invention:

Technical patent illustrators include each and every detail regarding the invention. You can judge the quality of their work by the precision with which they deliver both simple and complex designs.

Meets deadlines with no quality compromise:

A good technical patent illustrator is highly efficient. He/she delivers their work on or before time. At the same time, there is no quality compromise in their work. Meanwhile, you can go through the samples of the technical patent illustrations for your reference.

Well-versed with Patent Office guidelines:

The rules for patent illustrations of patent offices keep changing from one jurisdiction to another. A technical patent illustrator knows the details to draft the illustrations for different countries.

Integrity and confidentiality maintenance:

Along with technical expertise, a patent illustrator should keep the invention’s details and drawings confidential. He/she should not share the information with anyone without the permission of the inventor or applicant, whatsoever.

Technical patent Illustrators at Professional Patent Illustrators:

If you are looking forward to a well-drafted patent illustration, let the experts be at your service. At professional patent illustrators, you will find a team of proficient technical patent illustrators. We bring both utility and design patent illustration services at your end, and also free-of-cost sample illustrations service. Our illustrators take pride in bringing detailed illustrations using tools that are best in the market.  And for us, customer satisfaction is of the highest priority.

To make an inquiry, visit the Professional Patent Illustrators’ Service Page.

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