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Top 10 most interesting patents in past 5 years

Top 10 Most Interesting Patents in past 5 years

As we all know that the Modern technology is expanding rapidly. Thus, in this section we will focus on some of the most interesting Patents that may shape our everyday technology soon.

It is clear that the Technology plays a vital role in today’s life. Also, there are no signs that indicate the slowing down of this rapid expansion of the technology. The major corporations acquire a number of patents every year in a hope that they may rule the modern tech with the help of these innovations.

The most Interesting Patents in the world: Top 10

Some major corporate giants like Apple, Google, and IBM perform regular search for the latest inventions or technology. Here are the top 10 most brilliant and interesting patents that were acquired recently. They are cool enough to shape the future of technology.

1. Social Media Comic Strips (GOOGLE)

Google's Social Media Comic Strips_ interesting Patents
Fig. 1 – Google’s Social Media Comic Strips

Nowadays, it is clear that social media is more of visual than textual. Many applications such as Instagram, Snapchat are gaining popularity rapidly. Also, the users are migrating from text-based platforms i.e. Facebook or Twitter.

On the basis of this, Google introduced an application in 2013 that allows the user to create comic strips for their day to day activities. It was invented by Satish Kumar and moreover the application offers different themes. You may also add text and panels.

2. Self-Installing Screen Protector (APPLE)

Apple's Self Installing Screen Protector
Fig. 2 – Apple’s Self Installing Screen Protector

In 2014, three people named Stephen Lynch, Emery Stanford and Tyson Manullang filed a patent for this screen saving technology. The technology includes a sensor that unfolds a cover around the device during a fall to protect the screen from the impact.

Moreover, the cover includes shock absorbers along with modular protectors that can fold and unfold easily. This is among other interesting patents that will help to save a lot of Apple users after it is launched in the market.

3. Self-Driving Car Seats (FORD)

Ford's Self-Driving Car Seats
Fig. 3 – Ford’s Self-Driving Car Seats

There is no surprise if an automotive giant like Ford is investing in the bright future of Self-driving cars. Though they are already a reality but there is a lot more to be done.

Mark Cuddihy, Jialiang Le and Manoharprasad Rao filed a patent in 2016 for special front seats. The passenger may move the seat forward or backward as per the requirement.

It may allow them to enjoy the ride as the car drives them to their destination by itself. Also, it predicts the arrival of new Ford as manual plus self-driven cars. Moreover, the seats may become a feature in the cars of many renowned companies soon.

4. Weather Predictor (NASA)

NASA's Weather Predictor
Fig. 4 – NASA’s Weather Predictor

In 2016, NASA got the patent for a proposed device that may predict the natural disasters like earthquakes and storms more accurately.  This may help in studying the tectonic activity and catastrophic weather conditions to avoid economic and life loss.

The device was invented by Qamar Shams and John Sutton to measure even small fluctuations in the magnetic field. Thus, it allows the device to read the change in the electromagnetic activity prior to a storm or an earthquake. This technology may prove helpful in the field of navigation and meteorology.

5. Golf Glasses (NIKE)

Nike's Golf Glasses
Fig. 5 – Nike’s Golf Glasses

Nike acquired a patent for the 21st Century Golf Glasses in 2016. All thanks to the patent owner Nicholas Leech. It is a game changer for not only the fans but also the players.

The invention is basically a wearable glass device that includes a ball-tracking system along with a processor to calculate multiple outcomes from the swing. You may visualize every detail on a heads-up display.

6. Super Drone (AMAZON)

Amazon's Super Drone
Fig. 6 – Amazon’s Super Drone

Amazon acquired the patent for a modular super drone that is capable of carrying greater loads.

Michael Paczan, Raphael Hsieh, Michael Elzinga, and Luan Nguyen are the people behind this invention. It is a system of synchronized working of inter-connected drones that would disperse later to different locations after completing the delivery.

This collective working of drones is more efficient and can transport greater loads as compared to just a single powerful drone.

7. Robotic Bees (WALMART)

Walmart's Robotic Bees
Fig. 7 – Walmart’s Robotic Bees

The Walmart filed a patent lately for the pollination drones.

The technology includes camera that allows the bee to spot crops. Thus, it will allow them to pollinate like the real bees. The rapid decrease in the bee population is a worrying issue all over the world. Therefore, these robotic bees will bring a good advantage to the agricultural industry.

8. 3D-Printed Plane (AIRBUS)

Airbus's 3-D Printed Planes
Fig. 8 – Airbus’s 3-D Printed Planes

The Airbus recently acquired a patent that allows them to use 3-D printing in aircraft construction.

It was invented by Matthias Hegenbart and Hermann Benthien in 2015. The technology deals with 3D printing that allows the creation of wings, fuselage and other elements. Hence, it would decrease the cost of shipping and production of aircraft components drastically.

9. Firefighting Bomb (BOEING)

Boeing's Firefighting bomb
Fig. 9 – Boeing’s Firefighting bombs

The Boeing acquired a patent for an artillery shell that may help to extinguish forest fires more effectively. It is more efficient than the traditional efforts. The shell is fired from a gun and releases fire-retardant materials on the impact zone to extinguish the fire. 

10. Futuristic Comfort Wear (IBM)

IBM's Futuristic Comfort Wear
Fig. 10 – IBM’s Futuristic Comfort Wear

One of the tech giant IBM, acquired a patent in 2017 for smart clothing that was able to adapt itself for maximum comfort. It was created by Aaron Baughman, Brian O’Connell, Arun Joseph and Diwesh Pandey.

Moreover, the fabric features a series of sensors that are connected to an inbuilt computing device. The device analyzes the data. It measures the heart rate, external weather conditions, and automatically configures to the most optimum conditions.

Thus, it adjusts the temperature automatically.

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