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You can Secure a Patent with Illustration

You can Secure a Patent with Illustration: Know-How

In today’s world of innovation, your invention isn’t safe until you secure a patent for it. Therefore, acquiring patent protection is very important because it gives you an exclusionary right for your invention. This can help you to monetize your invention and get a return on your investment in the invention and the patent.

You need to file a patent with the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO). Also, you need to be very prudent during the entire patent process. This is to ensure that you have a seamless procedure and avoid unwanted expenses. So, patent illustration proves to play a crucial role while securing a patent.

Advantages of illustration to secure a patent:

There are certain steps that one needs to follow while you secure a patent. We will discuss how the illustration proves to be critical while patent filing in order to secure your patent.

 Multiple Patent Drawings:

In order to secure a patent, one must always think of multiple patent drawings in the patent application. To properly accomplish the goal of having the best disclosure possible, one should not think in terms of single illustration in the patent. The patent application should have at least several sheets of drawings with each sheet having multiple views of the invention. The benefit of multiple illustrations is that it completely covers all the permutation of the invention.

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Patent Illustration development:

A vital part of your patent application is the patent illustration. An illustration depicts your invention, its intricate parts and the processes involved. Whether your invention is a new product or a process, in order to secure a patent, patent illustration is very important.

However, it is absolutely critical to know the do’s and don’ts of a patent illustration while preparing one. It should help your case, and not hinder it while elucidating your invention. You can prepare the illustration yourself via hand or computer software. But, if you are not familiar with the drawing rules, it is advisable to hire an illustration service.

Also, it is important to know that provisional applications don’t mandatorily require illustration with them. But, for a complete application, you must submit a detailed illustration.

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Clear and Accurate Illustration:

It is important for one to include clear and accurate illustration in a patent application to secure a patent in a timely manner. Simply, a clear and precise image gives you priority in cases of litigation. In chances of negotiation and settlement, a well-defined patent application always favours you for the best talk. Even any third party will think twice while copying an idea from an unambiguous and well-defined patent application.

Detailed Illustration:

A detailed illustration is indeed worth a minimum of one thousand words if not more. If you accidentally leave something out of the written disclosure, the illustration you submit may save you in the long run. This is provided if the drawing entails more details and you want to convey even the slightest of information about your invention. The detailed illustration can also cover different angles of the invention for using it in the future for a different purpose.

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Good Illustrator:

Generating good drawings require technical skill and creativity. For this purpose, hiring a good illustrator becomes an essential step in order to secure a patent. A draftsperson’s experience, the body of work, professional references and use of technology are good indicators of his competence and skills. A good draftsperson who boasts experience under the supervision of senior professionals will provide you with a broad skill set. He knows when to use black and white drawings and when to use coloured ones. A good draftsperson has the ability to create quality illustration by using his expertise in patent illustration.

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Looking for Patent Illustration? – Professional Patent Illustrators

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