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Advantages of Patent Illustration Service

Advantages of Patent Illustration Service

The drawings in the patent application that describe the invention in a descriptive way are known as patent illustrations. It has become important nowadays to get patent illustration service to strengthen and enhance patent applications. They help the overloaded patent examiner to understand the invention faster. Simple and precise images also help to instruct judges in case of patent infringement, often clarifying the patent owners’ claims. Moreover, a good patent illustration helps in avoiding potential patent infringement by covering most of the aspects of the invention.

Patent Illustration Service: Key Points to Consider

The Patent filers should not underestimate the importance of illustrations in their application. Patent office applies certain criteria to accept the illustration, but one needs to pay more attention than just meeting those requirements. A patent applicant’s safest option is to use the patent illustration service by hiring a specialized patent illustrator. Some of the services are:

1.Technical Specifications:

The patent office accepts the drawings from paper to digital media, but specifications on size, shape, and form often vary. There can also be significant differences in the drawing specifications when it comes to surface shading, broken lines, and line thickness. The illustration must meet the requirement of the USPTO and the country of patent filing. Some requirements such as clarity in drawings and A4 page sizes are universal. So, the patent illustration service helps the applicant to cover all the requirements given by the patent office.

2. Utility Patents:

There are strict requirements for drawing utility patents. So, it becomes important for one to get a patent illustration service. One can use tables, waveforms, mathematical formulae and symbols in the utility patents depending on the invention. Utility patents also include specific views to illustrate a problem that the invention solves. The patent applicant can use prior art to show a contrast or to differentiate his invention from the older one. Also, the more complex is the invention to define, the more valuable the draftsperson service becomes to accurately define the invention.

3.Design Patents:

Unlike utility patent application, the application for design patent fully relies on the drawings. In design patents, the drawing disclosure is the most important element of the application. The reason is that it constitutes the entire visual disclosure of the claim. One notable rule that the USPTO requires is that the shading of all the surfaces of the drawings must be appropriate. This requirement makes the design patent illustrations appear more artistic than other drawings. So, hiring good illustration service is a must in case of design patent illustrations.

4. PCT drawings:

The PCT applications only require drawings where they are necessary for an understanding of the invention. This is mostly the case for an electrical or a mechanical invention. Also, a good patent illustration service helps the applicant in providing the explanations of the functions and descriptions of the invention. As PCT is an international application, clarity in illustrations is essential to cover all the possible use of the invention broadly.

5. Creating formal drawings:

It’s essential for the patent illustrator to create formal drawings for the applicant to avoid delays while getting a patent grant. In the case of informal illustrations, the poor quality images cause the patent application to lose integrity, quality, and details. So, it takes longer for the illustrator to remove the existing low-quality material in the form of drawings. Then it takes even more time to execute the formal drawings thereby increasing the cost of the applicant.

One more disadvantage for the applicant submitting informal drawings lies in a proverb “Catch 22”. It means that there are two reasons due to which a patent application gets a reject. One is due to the inconsistency of informal drawings in the application. Secondly, because of the addition of a new matter in the patent application.

So, creating a formal drawing saves time, energy and cost of the patent applications which increases the chance of patent grant.A

6. Computer vs. manual figures:

It is not the quality of the equipment but the skill of the draftsperson which is essential. By choosing a patent illustration service, one can either go for software tools or a fully handmade process. It completely depends on the invention of the patent applicant to choose any of the following as per the requirements. A good illustrator knows when to make drawings manually to show the view of the invention accurately. On the contrary, he also knows when to use software tools like CAD to organize the information of the invention effectively.

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